Confidential Channel Partner Agreement –not to be disclosed to ANY third parties

This contract is running Between the FH Services AND its partner signing below. The FH services will provide the partner a commission for sending students through. Importantly, this agreement provides the partner commission access to all our partner institution in the United Kingdom.

This Agreement Provides the following:

  • The FH Services appoints the partner as an independent partner to provide services as detailed in this Agreement in relation to the recruitment of students for the partner educational institutions of The FH Services under this agreement.
  • The FH Services appoints its partner as an independent partner to provide services as detailed in this Agreement in relation to the recruitment of students for the partner educational institutions of the FH Services and under the agreement of the FH Services.
  • • This Agreement will commence on the date of signing of this document and shall continue for a period of 2 (two) years subject to clause 5. Upon the conclusion of the second year, the contract will be up for renegotiation.

Obligations of our partner:

  • To promote actively the FH Services by using local knowledge and the FH Services will provide the promotional material exclusively and without amendments.
  • To actively recruit high performance students for the listed partner educational institutions across the full range of courses offered by these institutes.
  • To assist prospective students with the formal requirements involved in applying for admission to partner institutes.
  • To forward to these partner educational institutions without delay application forms from prospective students together with other appropriate documentation.
  • The partner is expected to adhere to the highest moral standards both in the practices and in the selection of students.
  • To accept students selected by the partner that meet our education expectations and the entry requirements under the academic standard of the United Kingdom.
  • The partner will keep the FH Services informed of new and existing market opportunities in respect of student recruitment and relationship building with appropriate organisations and institutions.
  • It is the partner’s responsibility to increase and improve the product knowledge, communications, and maintain a high standard within the working relationship. A special focus must be put on the entry requirements for the partner educational institution’s programmes.
  • It is the partner’s responsibility to provide truthful advice to students with respect to partner educational institutions, its programmes, immigration to the United Kingdom and the City of London (including cost of living in the city as well as UK).
  • The partner is not authorized to collect any deposit and/or tuition fees in the name of the FH Services partners’ institutions; deposit and/or tuition fees must be paid in/ transferred to the FH Services partners’ academic institutions accounts ONLY.
  • If the partner shall be in breach of or non-observant of any of the provisions of this agreement or shall neglect to provide the services or fail to perform the duties required of him then and immediately thereupon it shall be lawful for the FH Services by notice in writing to the partner summarily to terminate his services with immediate effect.
  • if any student application is under process by the FH Services, it should not be dealt by any other agency without the prior notice of the FH Services. The partner must inform the FH Services if student changes their mind.
  • Commission will be claimed by the partner after the fees received from the student are cleared, successfully securing their visa and timely enrolment with the University or College. And it is relative to the proportion of fees paid. The partner must provide the appropriate commission claim invoice to the FH Services.

Obligations of the FH Services:

  • To provide the partner with sufficient promotional material to meet its obligations under clause mentioned above.
  • The FH Services will inform its partners (subagents) about the available academic institutions.
  • All the new client or student’s matter will be dealt confidentially.
  • All the client or student will receive fair and equal services irrespective of their race, gender and colour.
  • Channel Partner will be trained by the FH Services.
  • Once commission has been received, the FH Services will notify the partner and request an official invoice.

Terms and Conditions for Both Parties

  • This agreement shall become effective when both parties have signed it.
  • The Channel Partner will be solely responsible for his/her actions and operational costs.
  • The working relationship will be mutually evaluated annually.
  • Unless agreed in writing, no expenses incurred by the Channel Partner while promoting the FH Services and its products are to be covered by the FH Services.
  • Should it be necessary; this agreement must be terminated with at least a 3 (three)months’ notice.
  • All disputes arising from the performance of this agreement will be settled down through friendly negotiation or dialogue. Should no settlement be reached through negotiation, the case shall then be submitted for arbitration to the courts of England and Wales, UK. The award of the arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.

Commission Split with The Channel Partner

  • The partner will receive a starter fixed commission of £500 per student; the commission is subject to change according to the number of students provided and the quality of students as well.
  • If a university does not pay commission for a student for any reason, the FH Services will make every effort to contest the decision and receive payment. However, our partner acknowledges and accepts that they will only receive commission for students processed for whom the FH Services is paid. If student is not enrolled duly or expel from the university due to student’s activities, the FH Services cannot be held liable in situations where universities may not give any commission for that particular student.
  • Should any over payment of commissions be made from the FH Services to the partner, then the company reserves the right to adjust any future payments.

Confidentiality Clause

Our partner agrees that all liaisons between the Universities concerning the student applications shall be carried out by the FH Services exclusively. Under no circumstance will the partner contact the universities concerning student applications via the FH Services.

Breach of Confidentiality, Disclosure to Third Parties

This agreement is confidential between the FH Services and our partners and shall not be shown to any third parties. Our partners agree that any damages arising from the breach of confidentiality, or by disclosure of the information contained in this agreement to third parties by our partner will be recoverable including punitive damages.

Our partner agrees not to disclose the contents of this partner agreement to any third parties and particularly to any university parties.

Our partner agrees that should it disclose this information, wittingly or unwittingly to third parties it will be held legally liable under UK law for any damages that the FH Services suffers as a result of such disclosure. Our partner indemnifies the FH Services for any breach of these conditions by their end.

Territories of students that the FH Services accepts: Home, EU and International students